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Creating dynamic, heartwarming, funny, and memorable video for clients ranging from Nike to Verizon, BC Media Productions is a unique and prolific video production company.

With more than 80 businesses on its client list, BC Media Productions is a force to be reckoned with in the world of visual storytelling in marketing and advertising. Its reach expands to global companies and high profile broadcast viewings—including a Dragon Nationally Speaking commercials that aired during the Super Bowl.

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BC Media Productions has produced commercials and videos for some of the largest brands in the world including Gillette, Nunace, Puma, Verizon, Cisco, Kaspersky Labs, The New England Journal of Medicine, Reebok, Experian, The Animal Rescue League, countless colleges and universities and more. Many of these projects were produced with large advertising agencies like Hill Holliday, FORGE and Holland Mark.

An award-winning film/video production company based in Massachusetts, BC Media Productions travels all over the world gathering footage and inspiration to make high-end, high-impact video stories for TV, the web and beyond.



A multi-talented director and visual storyteller, Ben Consoli’s credits range from director of photography, editor, director and producer to songwriter, composer, and lead singer of the rock band “Violet Nine.”

Since starting BC Media Productions, Ben has directed and produced award-winning commercials and videos for some of the largest brands like Nike, Reebok, Verizon, Novartis, and Citizens Bank.

In 2010, Ben directed a highly-acclaimed commercial for Dragon Naturally Speaking, which aired during the Super Bowl that year, and, along with his ads for Kaspersky Lab and Nuance, have aired all over the world.

In 2012, Ben Consoli was honored with the prestigious Merrimack Valley Business Magazine’s “40 Under 40 Award” for his entrepreneurial success.

Along with several other high-profile productions, Ben spent 2012 traveling the world, shooting in Italy, South Africa and Central America for a year-long project for Worcester Polytechnic Institute. This project went on to win several awards including a Telly Award in 2013.

With BC Media Productions, Ben continues to direct and produce for some of the largest brands and advertising agencies in the country.

In 2013, Ben began sharing his professional experiences through his podcast Go Creative Show, which recently became the #1 Visual Arts Podcast on iTunes and has over 15K downloads per month across 180 countries.

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Other Team Members

MDC-Portrait---BizMaria Della Croce, Independent Media Producer, Writer, and Director

Maria Della Croce is a multi-award-winning copywriter, director, and independent media producer based in the Boston Area.

Maria has created successful advertising for TV and the web for hundreds of corporate, academic, and non-profit clients across many different industries.

A dynamic and passionate storyteller, Maria’s narrative work has earned widespread praise including winning a runner-up prize in the Pepsi International Refresh Your World film competition for a short film she wrote and directed called “New Direction.” Her latest dramatic short film, “Grace Period, ” was an Official Selection at several international film festivals.

Maria’s writing and directing skills have earned her numerous awards including several Communicator Awards, New England Cable Television Awards, and Telly Awards.

Chris Loughran Director of PhotographyChris Loughran, Director of Photography

From the small town of Gorham, Maine, Chris has been working in media production for nearly fifteen years.  From his first job in television studio production for Portland’s local Fox affiliate, to his current work as a producer, cinematographer, editor and director of projects ranging from television commercials to political campaigns, Chris has always been interested in the telling and shaping of stories.

As a technician at one of the country’s most successful improvisational comedy theaters, Improv Asylum, Chris established their video production department, creating a series of video sketches that expanded the company’s brand to a worldwide audience.  While working with Improv Asylum, he also shot, edited and co-directed Vanity Project, a ten-episode, late-night sketch comedy show that in 2011 was nominated for an Emmy.  That same year he founded No End Media, named both for Boston’s North End, where he lived, and the boundlessness to which he would go to help clients tell their stories.

Since founding No End Media, Chris has continued his work in video and film, crewing numerous positions on independent feature films around the country, while working with local, national, and international clients.  With an enduring enthusiasm for cinematography and editing, Chris has continued the pursuit of visual storytelling as a creative passion, expanding No End Media’s scope and clientele from its base in New England to New York & beyond.