Video Production During COVID-19

BC Media Productions continues to work at full capacity through the COVID-19 emergency.  We’ve altered the way we work to assure safer sets.   From smaller crews when shooting is essential, to telling more stories with animation, graphics, and voice-over, we are feeling healthy and staying productive.  We are dedicated to helping our customers tell their stories and using video has advantages now more than ever before!

Video is the best way to communicate

Now, more than ever, a message produced and distributed on video makes the most sense.  As we practice social distancing and limit travel, we all are spending more time in front of our TVs, computer screens, and cell phones.  This means sending your target audience information via video is the smartest choice.  Video also conveys more messages in a shorter period of time—so important as our collective attention span narrows.

Video is the best way to communicate to a lot of people

Responding to the increase in emails and phone calls is time-consuming and inefficient.  Creating a video that answers lots of questions succinctly can be a huge time-saver for you and your target audience.

Get more of your message out with video

Video is unique in that it adds emotion, not just words, to the messaging you need to convey right now.  Take advantage of the power of the human voice to add more meaning and more connection to your audience.  As we are all being overwhelmed with mass emails right now, standing apart with a video message can really break through all the noise.

Our Services

We have always provided a variety of production services to our customers, but we recognize that certain services are most valuable now:

Tips to ensure safety on video productions

  • Disinfect equipment, tables, and other surfaces.
  • Serve only individually wrapped food and drinks.
  • Use smaller, essential-crew-only sets.
  • Maintain a safe distance between crew members.
  • Sending live video feeds to clients so they can participate as if they were on set.
  • Transition to remote editing, color grading and audio mixing