Remote Production

Fully Contact-Less production using iPhones and DSLR’s

"No Crew” iPhone Remote Production

This simple and effective remote shooting technique uses our iPhone Filmmaking Kit and sends a remote feed to a director, producer, client and agency. Our iPhone Filmmaking Kit is easy to assemble, compact and wireless. It comes complete with iPhone, tripod, microphone, lights, and optional green screen. All you need is an internet connection. Watch a sampling of our work below.

Why Our System is Better

Our system uses the internal camera on a presenter’s iPhone or iPad to record higher quality video than is possible with Zoom or Skype.  By recording internally on our devices, we can achieve full 4K resolution that isn’t limited by wifi strength.

Our clients not only see exactly what the camera is recording, but the talent can also be directed in the same manner as a traditional shoot.

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